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Coronavirus Disinfecting & Sterilization Services.

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Ness engages and uses a wider range of methodologies insure the appropriate sanitizing of your home, residence, or room.   In this way, Ness can destroy and remove a broader range of harmful microbes.  We do not believe that fogging alone is sufficient to appropriately sanitize your residence for a vast range of viruses, bacteria, and germs we encounter. Thus, while Ness may include fogging, Ness also includes wet-wiping  surfaces with antimicrobials, germicides, and antivirals agents to effectively remove and destroy microbes.  Thereby directly neutralizing and removing harmful microbes.  In addition to wiping surfaces, Ness will also HEPA vacuum, treat your HVAC system, and ozone the entire residence   If the HVAC system is not treated, then microbes would be blown back into your home and likely recontaminate air and surfaces. 


Special/Special Protocols + Pricing

Residences or rooms that require sanitizing that do not meet the standard protocols, would require an inspection, and custom protocols and pricing. This would include residences, rooms, etc, that:

Standard Pricing

$1.00c/SF for dwellings (homes/apartments/tenements) up to 900 SF. $.90c/SF for dwellings (homes/apartments/tenements) between 901 SF up to 1,600 SF.

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NOTES & DISCLAIMERS: (For Standard pricing protocols and Scope of Work)
Sanitizing surfaces such as walls and ceilings, etc, does not (unless other specified or agreed upon) include a detailed scrubbing of surfaces to remove hard-on grime, debris, heavy dust, or staining. The intent of the sanitizing process is to kill surface bacteria, viruses, and germs, not to necessarily to remove hard-on or heavy grime or dust, staining etc. by applying an antimicrobial, antiviral biocide or germicide including ozone.

Since illnesses or human or animal maladies can be caused by any number of etiologies (causations), and since individuals are in and out of various environments, Ness cannot guarantee, and makes no claims that the sanitizing process will prevent occupants and visitors from becoming unwell.

Ness is not responsible for pre-existing damaged paint, flooring, or other surfaces. (ie peeling or discolored paint, torn or broken flooring, etc).

For standard sanitizing processes, residences or rooms, are to be in a normal state of cleanliness. That is, residence or rooms to be serviced, should be without objects on the floors, walls, countertops, excessive dirt, or other types of medium or large debris and/objects, ie toys, papers, tools, boxes, etc).

This agreement does not include mold mitigation. Visible mold would require a custom or separate proposal or contract and work in addition to the standard sanitizing protocols.

This agreement does not include structure or esthetic repairs to building or surfaces. This may be provided with a distinct separate contract.

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