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Certified Classes for Realtors

Continuing Education Classes for Realtors- Both Credits are taught the same day

9:30am-11:30am-Water Intrusion in the Crawlspace =   2 CE Credits 

-Water Intrusion in the Crawlspace #E0921 – This class is an in depth power point presentation/class regarding common perceptions about water in the crawlspace, why is this a big deal, why proper assessment is important and solutions to prevent future problems.

Break for Lunch

12:30pm-2:30pm- Water Intrusion in the Home =  2 CE Credits

-Water Intrusion in the Home #E0920 – This class is an in depth power point presentation/class on how interior water intrusion happens, catalysts that increase the damage, identifying areas that water affects, discovering evidence that solves the problem of the underlying issue and recognizing the importance of the proper fix.

To register, please contact the hosting Title Company for the date desired:

May 5th– Fidelity National Title- 600 E River Park Ln, Ste #105- Boise

Michele Arevalo 208 283-3193